environmental social governance

Conserve Energy, Conserve Life, Embrace Sustainability!

Sustainability in Action

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations are integrated into our policies and codes of conduct that govern our business and reflect our commitment to inclusive and sustainable growth.

Our Approach

Our organization plays a vital role in addressing the fundamental challenges in diverse sectors by providing services (Staffing & Consulting) complying with ESG principles.

We conform and aim to assist our clients & other interested parties to acquiesce the ESG standards. Primarily, our aim is to support organizations & it's clients with competent staff to understand strategies and help implement standards. We are leveraging our expertise, staff, compliance and resources to advance inclusive growth, promote sustainable development, and support the transition to a low-carbon economy.

ESG Strategies Adopted

Labor and Human Rights Compliance



Energy Consumption & GHGs

Waste Reporting 

ESG Training

Career Management & Training

Code of Business Conduct

Supplier Diversity Program

✔️ Environment, Health & Safety Policy
✔️ Energy Consumption & Green House Gas (GHG) Emission Policy
✔️ Sustainability Through Eco Labelled Products
✔️ Equipment upgrades
✔️  ESG Dashboard
✔️  Environmental Impact Analysis
✔️ “Go Paperless” Initiatives
✔️  Waste Management Policy

✔️ Incentives & Regards Program 
✔️ Health Insurance Plans
✔️ Medical Leave Act, Paid Time Off
✔️ Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Program
✔️ Inclusive Work Culture Program for Disabled Employees
✔️ Training & Career Development Policy
✔️ Employee Health and Safety Training
✔️ ​​Working Conditions Training
✔️ Working with Flexibility Plans
✔️ Social Dialogue Training
✔️ Elimination / Termination / Abandonment Norms
✔️ Performance Review Program
✔️ Time Sheet & Expense Authorization Program​

✔️ Codes of Ethics & Integrity
✔️ Equal Opportunity Principle
✔️ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Principles​
✔️ Anti-Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy
✔️ Labor & Human rights policy​
✔️ Anti-corruption & Anti-bribery Policy
✔️ Sensitive Transactions Policy
✔️ Remote Work Code of Conduct​
✔️ Supplier Diversity Program​
✔️ Confidentiality Principles​
✔️ Management of “Conflict of Interest“​
✔️ Cyber Security Policy ​
✔️ Administration of Information​


Our Way Forward

Supporting Clients for Certification through Consulting

Awarded a first year Silver ranking by EcoVadis

Provide people solution conforming to ESG standards